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Creating Beautiful Geospatial visualisations with Python - Scipy 2022 Workshop

Earlier this year I was invited to give a workshop at the annual Scipy conference in Austin Texas on how to make beautiful geospatial data visualisations using Python. The workshop was recorded and is now available on youtube and is linked below. While there is a fair amount of rambling we do cover a wide range of topics, including;


I have appeared on a number of podcasts and in other forms of media, all listed below.

Mapscaping podcast - I talk about my map making journey and how I went from a PhD in computational chemistry to an internet map maker and geospatial data scientist.

Shipping Lanes in the Visual Capitalist - Our shipping lanes map was recently featured in the visual capitalist.

Airports and Airways in the Visual Capitalist - Our airports and airways map was recently featured in the visual capitalist.

You want to do what? Podcast - I was asked to talk about what you should expect as you embark on your journey as a data scientist.

Harnham Webinar - In this short webinar I talk about how to use Python to generate cool maps.